Neopoints - Easy Neopoints on Neopets
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Neopoints - Easy Neopoints on Neopets

Neopoints. Neopoints are the official currency of Neopets. This tutorial is going to show you how to get easy Neopoints on Neopets!

Apart from playing lots of Neopets Games, you can make a small fortune with Dubloons. If you search with the Shop Wizard, you will see that the Two Dubloon Coin is cheaper than the One Dubloon Coin. You can buy lots of Two Dubloon Coins, then feed your pets at the "Golden Dubloon" in Krawk Island. You should buy something that costs only one dubloon, so that you receive a One Dubloon Coin change, which you will then be able to sell for 200-300 neopoints more than what you paid when you bought the Two Dubloon Coin. If you do this many times every day, you will soon make a small neopoints fortune. Smart or what?

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