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Neopets Music. Simple html codes enable you to add background music to your Neopets shop or guild or Neopets user look up. Most of the time, neopets music codes are not a good idea! Unless you have a Neopets shop that sells concert tickets (for Chomby and the Fungus Balls for example!), your favorite Evanescence song will be out of place as background music. Your best bet for generic shops is to use the Neopets music provided in mp3 format by the official Neopets website. Otherwise, music is going to annoy other people.

Guild Layouts with a lot of members should also avoid inserting any neopets music codes to their page, because it's hard to find music that everybody likes. Unless it's the Green Day/ Harry Potter/ Evanescence Neopets fans guild off couse! Your user lookup, you can fill with as much music codys as you like, if you think it makes a statement!

It's just that background songs have been annoying the hell out of web surfers since the dawn of the Interent and I'd rather not have to listen to your muzak when looking for an item to buy in your shop, because it's far from unobtrusive and makes me jump a little at times!

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