Neopets Faeries - Faerie Names in Neopets
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Neopets Faeries - Faery Names in Neopets

Faery Faeries. Faerieland in Neopia is inhanited by magical creatures called Faeries. There are lots of kinds of Neopets Faeries, each of which has different magical powers and abilities. For example a bottled Neopets Fire Faerie will give your pet different blessing that other Neopets faeries, like a water or a light faerie.

Neopets Faeries

Here's a list with all the known Neopets Faeries. I only know two Faery names tough: the name "Jhudora", the name of a strong dark faerie and the name "Illusen" the name of her rival Earth faery.

So, in Neopets you can find...
  • Air Faeries
  • Fire Faries
  • Earth Fairies
  • Water Faeries
  • Dark Faerys
  • The Tooth Faery
  • The Negg Faery
  • The Faery Queen (what's the name of this faery? It eludes me.)
  • The Space Faery (although she rarely visits)
  • The Battle Faery
and probably some other faeries as well, whose names I have forgotten. Faery names are hard to remember.

That was the page about Neopets faeries. Thank you for reading!

Neopets Worlds

Faerieland - Where Neopets Faeries live... (watch out for the dark faeries though!)
Haunted Woods - Enter the spooky forest if you dare!
Krawk Island - Pirates, Smugglers and Dubloons...
Kreludor - Neopia's Moon!
Maraqua - Underwater Paradise!
Terror Mountain - Cold Mountain...

And last but not least, the famous Jelly World!

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