Jelly World - Get free Jelly on Neopets Jelly World!
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Jelly World - Get free Jelly in Neopets Jelly World

Neopets Jelly World. Jelly World is a Neopets World where you can get free jelly to feed your pet and play a fun game which is called "Jelly Blobs of Doom".

Despite the fact that the Neopets Team is obstinately denying Jelly World's existence, it is evident that such a world exists and can be found at the following url: :D.

Neopets Jelly World offers free Jelly to anyone that visits. Some kinds are rarer than others. The most common ones are Lime Jelly and Strawberry Jelly.

Jelly World

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And last but not least, the famous Jelly World!

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