Hack Neopets - The famous Neopets np hack
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Hack Neopets - The famous Neopets np hack

Hack Neopets. Can you hack Neopets? Technically, you could. No site is 100% safe from an experienced hacker's attack. Should you believe the people that are claiming they've found working Neopets hacks and need your [e-mail address, free items, np up front, password] to divulge them? Absolutely not.

Let's try to use some common sense, ignoring the fact that Neopets.com has become a really secure site and that there are probably very few people that could actually hack Neopets.

Say you had found a loophole to exploit the Neopets np system, would you share it with other people? That's exactly what the self-proclaimed hackers do. I remember I had found a hack for another online game once and exploited it for as long as I could without telling anyone (sneaky bastard that I am :D). What would've happened if I had told them about the hack (which I discovered accidentally, I might add)? They would've found out about it and fixed it sooner. That's point A. Point B is, if someone has really managed to hack Neopets and is able to give free items or "unlimited" np to other people, why does he or she need you to give him /her items or np? In the case of the famous neopets np hack, I have never really heard a plausible explanation why they need your password for the "magic free neopoints generator" to work.

There's a point C regarding Neopets hacks as well! Professional hackers, the kind that could possibly find a way to hack Neopets after some work, do not waste their time with kids sites. They're the ones responsible for creating dangerous viruses and gaining access to encrypted information. That's what a hacker does. Scammers on the other hand, whether it's the adult scammers trying to steal credit card numbers or their even more stupid imitators trying to steal neopoints and accounts on a kids site, can't really do anything unless you let them. So, A,B and C means, do not believe anyone who claims they've hacked Neopets and play fair yourself.

That was an article on why you can't hack Neopets. If it helps even one person escape from the clutches of scammers using common sense, then this article has fulfilled its purpose.

If, on the other hand, you were just searching for ways to hack neopets accounts and get other people's Neopets passwords, hopefully this article will deter you from becoming a scammer or a stupid wanna-be hacker. Play fair, get your np, it's just a game after all.

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